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Whatever your needs for blended, stabilized materials...
GSM is your single source supplier!

Roadways, access roads,
and hike and bike trails are all
candidates for GSM's base materials.
Stabilized base materials
are ideal for container yards, storage
yards, truck yards, and pipe yards.
Parking lots and lay down areas
benefit from the application of calcium sulfate or limestone .
Trucks are weighed and certified using
fully-computerized scales.
Milling/reclaiming machines
prepare the materials.
Screen, crushers and stackers are
used to separate various gradations
of the materials.
Bank sand is always available even when your sandpit might be flooded due to rain.
Less expensive and more consistent
than select fill, calcium sulfate is a
good choice for building fill.
Computarized controls assure precise blending and consistent products.

Located on 60 acres in LaPorte, GSM produces thousands of tons of blended materials every day.
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