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Gulf States Materials - Marketing DuPont's Calcium Sulfate

Gulf States Materials, Inc. is a materials company that has been marketing Calcium Sulfate for the
DuPont Company in LaPorte, Texas since June of 1985…. and has sold over eight (8) million tons of

Many of the surrounding cities have approved and used Calcium Sulfate. The vast majority of sales have
been in the surrounding counties of Galveston, Liberty, Chambers, Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris.  
A considerable number of the plants in the area are using Calcium Sulfate:   Air Products, Bayer
Chemical, Enterprise Products Co., and Exxon/Mobil.…to name a few.  

Gulf States Materials, Inc. is currently marketing several materials: screened and unscreened
 GS-100 & GS-50, fly-ash stabilized GS-200, bank sand, crushed limestone, ¾” washed rock and
slag.  Upon request, technical personnel will be on site to help coordinate delivery and answer
questions regarding material installation.

Gulf States Materials, Inc. has assets and equipment in excess of $5,500,000 and employs a full time
staff of fifteen (15) people to insure quality, promptness of material delivery and customer satisfaction.  
GSM can produce 2,000 to 3,000 tons of material on a daily basis and when necessary, has the
capability to provide more from existing stockpiles. Gulf States Materials, Inc. looks forward to meeting
and supplying all of your material needs.

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